Last 10 Surah’s

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About Course

Students will learn and memorize the last 10 Surah’s of the Qur’an.

What Will You Learn?

  • The children will memorize the last 10 surah's of the Quran.
  • The children will learn at an easy pace.
  • These surah's are essential for prayer's and beginners learning the Quran.

Course Content

Surah An-Nas
Surah An-Nas (The People): This Surah seeks Allah’s protection from the evil whispers of Satan and the corrupt intentions of those who seek to harm others. It also emphasizes the importance of seeking refuge in Allah in all aspects of life.

  • Live Lesson: Surah Al-Fil

Surah Al-Falaq
Surah Al-Falaq (The Dawn): This Surah seeks Allah’s protection from the evils of darkness and the mischief of those who practice sorcery.

Surah Al-Ikhlas
Surah Al-Ikhlas (Sincerity): This Surah emphasizes the oneness of Allah and the importance of sincerely worshipping Him without associating any partners with Him.

Surah Al-Masad
Surah Al-Masad (The Palm Fiber): This Surah condemns the actions of Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, who opposed Islam and persecuted Muslims.

Surah An-Nasr
Surah An-Nasr (The Help): This Surah describes the victory of Islam and encourages Muslims to seek forgiveness and turn to Allah in gratitude for His help.

Surah Al-Kafirun
Surah Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers): This Surah warns the disbelievers who refuse to accept Islam that their beliefs and practices will not be accepted by Allah.

Surah Al-Kawthar
Surah Al-Kawthar (Abundance): This Surah assures the Prophet Muhammad of Allah’s support and promises him great abundance in both this life and the hereafter.

Surah Al-Ma’un
Surah Al-Ma’un (Small Kindnesses): This Surah emphasizes the importance of performing small acts of kindness towards others, such as providing food or clothing, as a means of showing gratitude towards Allah.

Surah Quraysh
Surah Quraysh (Quraysh): This Surah highlights the blessings of Allah upon the tribe of Quraysh who were the custodians of the Ka’bah and were provided with safety and sustenance.

Surah Al-Fil
Surah Al-Fil (The Elephant): This Surah describes the story of the people of Yemen who attacked the Ka’bah with elephants but were destroyed by a flock of birds sent by Allah.

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